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Saturday, March 6th, 2021 3:47 PM

Sensor Not Sticking

My entryway door sensor came unstuck in the middle of the night and activated the alarm. Are there any mounting recommendations other than sticky tape or screws?  I'm now worried about all the sticky tape failing and setting off my alarm and the door is metal so I don't think the screws are a great option.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance all.

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3 years ago

Get genuine 3M Command strips from local hardware or home improvement store and be SURE to thoroughly clean the surfaces before attaching.

Two systems, three years, no adhesive failures except for an auxiliary siren I tried to attach to cold and not properly cleaned external steel siding.



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3 years ago

In addition to cleaning the mounting surface, press hard against the mounted object for 30 seconds before applying any lateral force (weight) to the  adhesive.
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