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Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021 7:29 PM

Sensor mounting advice please



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2 years ago

@ Slugbait if your 3m command strips are falling apart after a few months, I suggest, if the surfaces are flat, you prepare them better before applying the tape. When I had SS2 my sensors stayed put for 5+ years with no issue. Same now for going on 2+ with SS3. That said, if there is a gap, like in the corner of a room where the two walls meet, you may want to try3M command strips with velcro. When applied correctly, they are very, very secure.



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My question, are you using 3M brand strips or the ones shipped with the SimpliSafe system? Things may have changed since 2018, but when I bought SS3, my Keypad and a Motion Sensor fell twice. I found it baffling, as, like Captain, I had no issues with any sensors falling with SS2 for 4+ years. Upon further inspection, I learned SimpliSafe included different (and quite honestly) inferior strips with the new systems - they were not 3M.

If the strips are indeed 3M, Captain's advice is a wise way. If they are not 3M, do as I and many others have and replace the less-known brand with them. I have never used screws and have not had any components/sensors drop when the strips are genuine 3M in 7 years.

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i use this double sticky tape all the time in my woodworking -- in lieu of clamps -- works great -- i have pieces of wood i have stuck together for this or that a year ago and they are still firmly together -- what i would use if the tape from simplisafe failed -- can only find it at lowes --


hope that helps
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