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Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021 7:29 PM

Sensor mounting advice please

Unfortunately I'm not able to attach most of my entry sensors with screws. I've been using the 3M sticky tape and found that they lose their stickiness after a few months. Some are hanging by a thread and a couple fell the the ground and tripped the alarm. I cleaned the surface with Alcohol before applying the tape but they still fail.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a "better" maybe a more industrial tape than the tape I bought from SimpliSafe?



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3 years ago

@ Slugbait if your 3m command strips are falling apart after a few months, I suggest, if the surfaces are flat, you prepare them better before applying the tape. When I had SS2 my sensors stayed put for 5+ years with no issue. Same now for going on 2+ with SS3. That said, if there is a gap, like in the corner of a room where the two walls meet, you may want to try3M command strips with velcro. When applied correctly, they are very, very secure.



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3 years ago


My question, are you using 3M brand strips or the ones shipped with the SimpliSafe system? Things may have changed since 2018, but when I bought SS3, my Keypad and a Motion Sensor fell twice. I found it baffling, as, like Captain, I had no issues with any sensors falling with SS2 for 4+ years. Upon further inspection, I learned SimpliSafe included different (and quite honestly) inferior strips with the new systems - they were not 3M.

If the strips are indeed 3M, Captain's advice is a wise way. If they are not 3M, do as I and many others have and replace the less-known brand with them. I have never used screws and have not had any components/sensors drop when the strips are genuine 3M in 7 years.

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3 years ago

i use this double sticky tape all the time in my woodworking -- in lieu of clamps -- works great -- i have pieces of wood i have stuck together for this or that a year ago and they are still firmly together -- what i would use if the tape from simplisafe failed -- can only find it at lowes --


hope that helps
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