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Saturday, June 19th, 2021 6:55 PM

Screws into Drywall

The screws for the keypad are itty bitty. Has anyone tried using them in drywall without using one of those plastic anchors for a screw first?

And if I want to use one of those anchors, the kind you hammer into the drywall and that expand some as you screw in the screw, what size anchor do I need?  Anyone know the actual size of these screws?



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3 years ago

@Jonny Gogo I have two keypads that have been up over 3 years just using the tape. Cleaned the wall, dried it and then put them up, no issues.

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3 years ago

I found where the studs in the wall were and used #4 1 1/2 inch screws to hold the keypad in place. I do not trust the tape, but Jonny Gogo seems to say the tape works fine for him.

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3 years ago

@Captain11 thanks for the data points.

@duffy_4, so a #4 screw fits through the holes in the keypad bracket?  I guess that's what really I need to know, is what size screw is use for the keypad, so that I can get the right sized anchor.

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#4 flathead woodscrew. Don't just put them into drywall....you need a stud to make sure it holds well.

The tape is reported to be fine, but I like the security of screws for something like this.

BTW, I bought a couple of these to hold the keypad at my house and my daughter's house.


They can attach to the wall with screws....or in my case, we had an old electrical box on the wall that used to hold a bracket for a wall hanging telephone. This mount can use the electrical box and makes that old box functional again. At my daughter's house, we use wall anchors and it covers up the holes where the old alarm panel was mounted.

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3 years ago

I have two systems installed for more than three years now where the keypads are held by the tape. No problems at all. They don't seem to be going anywhere.

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3 years ago

I ended up using #4, 3/4' flat head wood screws with those plastic drywall anchors. To be honest, I messed up the hole for one - the hole I made for the drywall anchor didn't line up with the hole on the keypad clip. Yeah, I wasn't paying attention. But that's fine, two screws hole it very well.

I have all my motion sensors and a glass break sensor sitting on shelves or on door molding, so the only thing left is to screw in the entry sensors.
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