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Friday, February 7th, 2020 4:07 AM

Range extender or hard wire sensors

i had some issues with our previous alarm carrier. They won't fix my Honeywell system in my business. They tried to strong arm me into signing a new agreement and demanding an $800 payment. Long story short, got smart with them, and took them up on their threat to cancel my services.

So decided to get SimpliSafe as a temporary solution until I can find a new alarm company for my business, but to be honest with everyone this is an awesome system. I installed 11 motion sensors, 2 cameras, and 6 door sensors.

I love the App based controls, and absolutely love the way the cameras work.

Here is my issue. I got another part of my office that are apparently out of range for a few of my motion sensors. Is there anything I can do to extend the range?

I tried moving the base unit, but it puts my other sensors out of range.  So I'm kind of stuck with the placement of the base unit.

Do they make a take over system or unit?  I got 60 wires sensors, and do they have anything where I can convert several wired sensors from my old system to work with SimpliSafe?

I know Comcast has a take over unit where I can connect several wires sensors and convert to wireless.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm very excited to have this system, love the features but I really need my hard wired sensors back.

Claude greiner

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4 years ago

They do not have a range extender.  If you have the SS3 system, it is supposed to have a much greater range than the SS2 system.

You can modify SS entry sensors to hook wired switches to.  Of course, it voids the warranty on that sensor.

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4 years ago

How large is the office building and what are the interior walls made of?  Got any attic space that doesn't get too terrible hot?  Our building for example has an 8" tall insulated ceiling with a floor used as storage space.  If we were to use SS at the office I could put the base up there where it has less walls to travel through to reach sensors.  You'd lose the announcements from the base, but I would imagine in an office environment that wouldn't be a big deal.
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