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Sunday, May 31st, 2020 2:37 PM

Push Notifications for Motion

Anybody know how to get push notifications for motion detection on cameras and motion detectors to work more than a day?

They worked for about a few hours, reset base station, a few more hours and now nothing, not even with a base station reset.

It is an issue with the base station and/or the software or app itself. I get motion notifications from my Netvue cameras all the time. SimpliSafe cameras to replace them, nothing. Motion sensors to alert me of movement, nothing. Is this why SimpliSafe is so cheap? I need this fixed or I might have to dump and return all the equipment, it should operate how it is advertised.

One issue I think it could be is connecting the base station to WiFi, I didn't test in on Cellular though so I'm not sure. But it works intermittently on my WiFi network. Push notifications for arm and disarm, power loss, all that works. Motion is the only one that doesn't. I have a child with special needs/epilepsy so this needs to work.

Is there a port I need to open on my router? I don't think so otherwise the issue would only be with the cameras. Maybe it's a problem with SimpliSafe and iOS, who knows. I do know it's not my network infrastructure. Maybe I can find an android device to try, I have an old S8+ around somewhere. But the timeline does not update either. If I was able to get GE WiFi appliances connected and functioning this should be a no-brainer lol.

The cameras recognize movement, they just don't update on the timeline. Motion works in test mode and has functioned before for a few hours.

Interactive Monitoring Plan

Connection Speed: 600 mbps / able to max out at 650 mbps on both wireless and wired.

ASUS RT-AC3100 setup in Dual Band - 2.4 and 5 combined into one network and devices are automatically switched between 2.4 and 5 depending on specs and needs. So a 2.4 only device can't be switched to 5Ghz but a device that can do both will switch if needed.

Cameras and all devices tested well, excellent signal on all.

Firmware updated and current on everything. Motion settings on high, shutters open, notification enabled on SimpliSafe site and app. Apple iOS app settings allow all notifications from SimpliSafe app. Timeline not updating on website or app.

I think it's a software issue, not sure where and looking for tips to fix it before I send back over $1000 worth of equipment and request a refund. There has to be a workaround. I have also noticed that the app will not update core settings on the website either.

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4 years ago

You might want to call SS for assistance.  They can also look into the timeline issues (this doesn't seem to be a common problem reported, so best to call SS).

4 years ago

Yea I had camera for year never had issue. Added 2 cameras several months ago worked perfect with push notifications.  I had to re download the app for a replacement phone and now I have issue with it not sending push notifications to new phone. Seems to be issue with their app. My my old phone and new phone once downloading new app doesn't send push even though notifications. Are enabled. But my wife old phone is showing every single notification.  Hopefully SA will have a solution.  Super frustrating also was disconnected twice while
On the phone with them trying to resolve.
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