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Saturday, January 20th, 2018 6:25 PM

Problem with garage door openers

I have been having problems with my garage door openers since I installed my security system.  I read online that radio waves can affect the working of garage door openers.  The openers will work one time and then two hours later they will not work.  I would think it would be just the one opener but I have two openers from different manufacturers and the problem is intermittent. So my thoughts are that it is some kind of waves that is causing the problem.  Garage door repair person could not find any problems.  Has anyone else had problems and if so how did you solve it.  Security system is the only that I have added recently that sends out signals and I had no problems before installing.  Any help would be appreciated.

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6 years ago

Shut off any sensors you have in the garage by pulling the batteries.  If that doesn't fix the problem shut down the base (be sure to pull the batteries) for a few hours.  If that doesn't fix the problem it's most likely not the alarm causing the problem.  You can also call SS tech support (good luck!) and see what they suggest.

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6 years ago

If ronsec's advice shows that the SS system is not the problem, then I'd be suspicious of other RF interference.  I have no issues with our opener and the SS system.  A neighbor once had issues suddenly with his opener after some years and it turned out that another neighbor had just installed a new replacemet opener and it just hppened to workon the same frequency/code that his did. Also have you noticed any strange vehiccles around your house/neighborhood?  Someone may be using a scanner to break into homes via the garage door.

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6 years ago

I thought that the newer garage door openers had rotating frequencies to prevent the possibility of duplicate codes or someone capturing your door code.
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