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Wednesday, May 10th, 2023 4:08 PM

Problem with Base Station announcements

My Base Station intermittently announces:  "Warning. Entry sensor batter low."

This happens quite often when we arm the system (but not always). It also happens during the night when nothing is going on. (The message wakes us up.) There do not seem to be any sensor batteries low and this has been confirmed when I call SimpliSafe. However, tech support has never been able to resolve this issue, which has persisted for weeks or even months. I was again told yesterday there is nothing they can so to resolve the problem because nothing shows up wrong on their end. Has anyone else encountered this problem?  If so, how was it resolved?

Quite frankly, I believe someone from SimpliSafe should be dealing with this and helping me resolve this very annoying and persistent problem. 

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10 months ago

Hi @sunny ,

Sincere apologies for the confusion! When you get that verbal notification from the Base Station, there should also be a corresponding warning message on the Keypad, which you can access by pressing the side of the screen where you see the ⚠ warning icon.

That warning message should include info on exactly which Entry Sensor is having trouble.

You can also find the same info in your SimpliSafe app, in the Overview tab. If you pull down on the screen, it will refresh and pull the latest info from your system. After that, tap Learn more to see exactly which sensors are having trouble in your system.

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Thank you for the assistance. That helped!  I wish tech support had told me that long ago. I have spend hours on the phone on this issue. FYI, I never saw a warning icon. Do not think it was ever there. However, using the app as you suggested worked. It identified which battery was low. Thanks. 

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4 months ago

yes I have had the same issue  and they just send out new sensors but doesn't solve the problem. thinking of changing security company's.

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@crqjr1​ Does your Base Station announce that an Entry Sensor's battery is low, or does it announce another error? If you look at the Keypad or SimpliSafe mobile app, it will tell you which sensor has a low battery that needs to be changed. 

However, if the Base Station is announcing a different sensor error, please let me know so we can troubleshoot further.

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