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Sunday, April 24th, 2022 8:53 PM

Offline sensor behavior

What happens when an entry sensor - or any other device - loses connection (goes offline) while the system is armed? Will the Home/Away action be triggered? 

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2 years ago

@Safen if the sensor not responding is tripped, it will not set off the alarm, as the base has no active connection to it. The SS3 system has a "pulse" feature, that polls all devices 1x every 24 hours. You will be alerted via SMS, email or push alerts that you set up of the situation. Note that if the sensor is polled by you in the app (home page, swipe down) the base will poll the entire system and alert you if there is an issue. Note, you will be notified once the connection is reestablished.

This article from the Help Center has more information.


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