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Tuesday, January 28th, 2020 4:29 PM

Mounting Entry Sensor to Overhead garage Door

Does anyone have any suggestions for making a bracket so I can mount an entry sensor to a manually operated overhead garage door? I have a garage behind my house that isn't used often and want to be able to alarm if the overhead door is opened

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4 years ago

Another user did this a while back.  


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Thank you, looks like a quick and easy way to do it

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4 years ago

I did this, and found it not near as complex.  I was able to install the magnet on the top lip of the door, with the sensor mounted on the wall.  I tested placement, and clearance, by using tape to hold the sensor and the magnet in place, and then making adjustments, then I attached both.  I did this on 2 doors, and they both work fine.
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