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Saturday, August 22nd, 2020 6:43 PM

Mount glassbreak sensor on the ceiling?

I need to put a glassbreak sensor in a room where there just isn't a good spot on an opposing wall or shelf to put it.  I was thinking of mounting it on the ceiling like a previous alarm system.  Anyone else mounted theirs this way and did it work well?

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4 years ago

It probably won't work well.  What about putting in a fake beam to mount it to so it faces the protected windows?

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The issue is, if I put it in the opposite corner where it would face both windows, it risks being blocked when the door to the room is open.  If it just stick it on the wall out from behind the door, it stands out and looks ugly.  So I was thinking ceiling.  Another possibility would be to mount it high in the corner opposite the windows, above the door to the room.  Would that work?  It would be facing both windows but would be 7 or 8 feet off the floor instead of the typical 5 feet.

3 years ago

Facing a similar issue, what if my room is longer than 20feet?

How much does it need to have the windows? 180degree sensing similar to motion sensors?
Also got a sun room with windows on three sides, ceiling would be ideal or at the molding on the forth wall.

Any confirmation that it will work?



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3 years ago

@gmattiasholmberg for any of the sensors, I used a method that is easy to test their effectiveness in different locations and not destroy your house....even made my wife happy.

1st up, glassbreaks as that was your post topic.  Take a piece of 3M 2 inch wide blue painters tape. Roll it so sticky side is on the outside. Place it on the first location you want to test for your break sensor, and press the glassbreak (gb) sensor on it.  (Loop should be small so it doesn't hang down on the wall or ceiling.)  

Make sure the base has audible voice on and now put your system in test. When monitoring center calls, tell them to put your entire system on test for x time.  Two hours was mine. Press the button on top of the sensor, then go to the window (s) you want to protect and clap your hands several times and see if you hear the base say "Glassbreak sensor". If it does, you're good.  Don't like where the sensor is? Move it and the tape. If tape stops holding the gb sensor, use another piece.

Don't trust clapping? My neighbor years ago replaced all of the windows in his house. I asked him if I could have several of them. when he asked why, he said sure but I get to watch while drinking a beer.  Yep, I used a drop cloth and a hammer to test a gb sensor in our kitchen bay window for SS2, and then SS3, on 3 windows.  My wife was a bit nervous but my cleanup passed. :-)  Note that china plates don't set off the gb sensor in some of my other tests.

My kitchen gb sensor is in the corner of the room and is at a 90 degree angle to 3 windows that make up the large bay, approximate. 14 feet away. Sensitivity switch is set to high. No curtains, has shades and works fine.

I hope this was helpful. BTW, the masking tape and putting the system on audible voice and test works well for motions too, but don't forget to make sure you tell the monitoring station to put your entire system on test. I also usually have my base to no voice, no lights etc.

I guess it comes down to this: trying the ceiling to see if it works costs you nothing to try.

Please post your outcome here after your testing. Good luck.


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