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Wednesday, December 14th, 2022 5:05 AM

Motion sensors

I have 5 motion sensors, I rebooted them several times the last time I did I noticed someone had taken watered down white paint and painted the lens and surrounding area. What can I do and how can I clean them?

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2 years ago

Hi @Tamerapayne,


Would you be comfortable with sharing a picture of what you are seeing?


Our Motion Sensors don't have a lens like on a camera, i.e. with layers of glass. It's more of a dome-shaped emitter that does have that pale white-grey color already.

Here's what my personal unit looks like:





But to answer the question, I'm afraid there are few options with cleaning off paint. You'd be better off getting a replacement under warranty. Our Support team can help with that.



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2 years ago

@Tamerapayne I read  your post a few times and believe you are saying someone painted them after you got the motion sensors? Or, did they come that way from SS? If its the latter, definitely call SS, report it to the customer service rep and request nc replacement.  I would suspect they will not work properly if the factory unit was tampered with.  If it was someone within your house or apt, that's another story but would still replace them.

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