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Saturday, December 26th, 2020 5:27 PM

motion sensor

I don't think my motion sensor is working properly. I just installed my system yesterday. According to the manual, motion sensors detect movement up to 30 feet. I have tested twice and both times I had to walk within 10 feet of the sensor to trigger it. Both times were in Away Mode. I do have a dog, so I installed the motion sensor 5 feet from the ground and the button facing the ground, per the instruction in the book. If there is no way I can fix this, then it is useless to me.

P.S. I installed the sensor in the corner of the room.



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3 years ago

A few things:

The Motion Sensors work best when you allow them to acclimate to the room's temperature before testing. I usually allow 2-3 minutes.

Although many use them (I have not - I have kept mine of Medium factory setting with both the old system and new), they have a low, medium, and high sensitivity switch. If you slide the bracket sensor that attaches to the wall off, you will see it.

I have noticed the SS3 Motion Sensors are less sensitive than the previous ones. While it is not too much of a concern in my personal opinion (as they still work well enough that no one can enter a room or area without trigger), I previously could not come within 20-30 feet with SS2 Motion Sensors. I would say 10 feet on the medium setting is about right with SS3.
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