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Saturday, April 3rd, 2021 2:35 PM

Motion Sensor Triggering flase

Just wondering if the motion sensor will trip if running a ceiling fan nearby? Think hot day as in warm fan blades and motion.



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3 years ago

@ zeustech possible, as same with direct sunlight. Suggest you do a Google site search on the forums and read up about it as there have been many threads on this topic in the past.

site: simplisafe.com/forum motion sensor ceiling fan

and then continue just changing the end of the search.  You can also call Support for assistance.

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3 years ago

Maybe, it's sometimes a bit tricky to know for sure what trips its trigger, so to speak.

I'd suggest setting the motion sensor to Alert Only, then see how it goes for a while. If you get nuisance alerts you can change the location/position/sensitivity.

Just be aware that in Alert Only you get alerts even when the system is "Off" / disarmed. So, if you are in the room and moving about you're going to (or should, anyway) get those notifications.
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