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Monday, March 1st, 2021 5:38 AM

Motion sensor set off my alarm in home mode

I called Today and worked with a representative as my upstairs motion sensor was giving an error. She noticed my basement motion sensor was deactivated. So she reactivated it. I didn't think anything of it. Tonight I went to bed and set the alarm to home. My son woke up to use the bathroom and set off the alarm. Luckily I am a light sleeper and got the PIN entered before police dispatched.  My system alerted to a Entry Delay Triggered Motion Sensor. Shouldn't this not go off while in the home mode? I am hesitant to turn the system back on for fear of it being set off again tonight by a child using the restroom. Help!? Ideas?



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3 years ago

@jannagablehouse2410 by default motion sensors are off, however, they can be set manually to active or not. You can easily check this yourself, and if it is on for home mode, just change to off and click save, done. BTW, you would have gotten a call before the police were dispatched so you could cancel the alarm with your safe word.

I do suggest you contact SS and talk to them live on your questions and concerns contained in your post, so you can more comfortable with the way the system works and the procedures that goes with it. Good luck.

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3 years ago

the agent that helped most likely made a mistake and set the motuon sensor to alert on home
i explained to the customer that the motion sensors are active in away not home unless you set the alarm for home.
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