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Thursday, May 7th, 2020 6:37 AM

Motion sensor not responding

How long do you expect batteries to last?

My kitchen sensor went offline this morning, around 6 months in and nowhere near 3-5 years...

Do I just buy new battery or is there something else at play?

Any tips

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4 years ago

I took battery out, put it back in (same battery) and it immediately worked. Must be quite sensitive to any movement inside it haha

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4 years ago

My "offline" motion detector which is 2 weeks old, didn't respond to moving the battery in and out, or to moving the sensor closer to the base station (10' line of site).  I think I may have a bad sensor or a bad battery, one or the other.  I hate to buy batteries this soon to see.  I guess I could pull a batter from another sensor and see if that works.  

I then tried moving the sensitivity switch back and forth a few times and it's now online!  Now the only "issue" I have is syncing the base station with "devices".  It's always at least slow, and often times, doesn't sync issuing a warning that it can't sync.  Syncing the "system" and syncing the "dashboard" doesn't seem to experience the problem to the same degree and although sometimes slow, has never failed to sync.  We do live in a rural area and I know the cellular reception isn't as strong as in the city, but our cell phones both seem to work fine.  Anyone with any ideas?

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4 years ago

I have a motion sensor that randomly goes off line - then suddenly back on line.

I don't think they are the most dependable.

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