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Thursday, April 14th, 2022 7:29 PM

Motion Sensor false alarms

I have had the same problem with the new Gen 3 system on three different occasions. I have no pets or kids in the house.

First time it was the living room motion sensor which caused a false alarm resulting in the police responding and informing me that I would be issued a fine for $25.00 the next time it happened.

Second time it was the kitchen motion sensor that caused a false alarm. I was notified by the monitoring company in enough time that I cancelled the police response and avoided a fine.

Third time the kitchen motion sensor, garage side door entry sensor & laundry room entry sensors sent out a false alarm, but I answered the call and averted another police response.

After spending over an hour on the phone the first time a and a ridiculous amount of time the second time without getting the problem resolved I called back and cancelled my monitoring plan. 

Simpli Safe used to have great customer service when I installed my first system 4 years ago, but recently their service sucks. Really hard to get someone to answer. and then seems like their agents read from a canned speech when trying to resolve a problem. 

SImpli Safe has yet to contact me and try to resolve this problem. Guess they do not care if they have your business or not.

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2 years ago

Sorry to hear about your experience, @larrycsmith.

Hopefully I can help turn things around for you.

It helps to know that our Motion Sensors are passive infrared - they're set off by hotspots moving around in the room. So when there's a false alarm, it's almost always caused by some heat source within the room.

So the very first thing that our Support agents should have asked about would be what's view of those two Motion Sensors? You mention that you don't have pets, so you'll want to pay attention to things like swinging lights, heater vents and radiators, or any other objects that generate heat. One time, I was working with a different customer and we discovered it was actually his laser printer that would fire up every few hours! So it could definitely be something that you don't normally think would be a problem.

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2 years ago

Motion sensors are on shelves away from heat sources, vents and direct sunlight. I turned down sensitivity after talking with your representative and that did not help.

Next false alarm the kitchen motion sensor , garage side door entry sensor, and laundry room entry sensor went off at the same time. 

I was only about 2 miles from home and came back when the monitoring company contacted me and cancelled police response.

My old system was generating false alarms also after 4 years of trouble free service and SimpliSafe sent me the new Gen3 system at no cost to try and solve the problem. It did not, and after spending a few hours on the phone and numerous false alarms I decided the system could not be trusted and had my monitoring service cancelled.

I would really like to resume my service, but can not trust the alarm anymore.

Another thing, since I cancelled the monitoring service I have not had anymore false alarms. Really can not understand that at all.

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@larrycsmith​ The last thing doesn't make sense, I agree. Unless you mean that you no longer get calls from the Monitoring Service. If you were still arming your system, you might still get the local alarm events - with sirens, but no dispatch.

You mention that this same false alarm situation had also been happening with your SimpliSafe Original. That's an important clue, because they're totally different devices. So we can be almost sure that it's not a hardware issue, and these sensors really are detecting something.

However, if I understand right, you actually mention that all of those sensors seem to have triggered one after another, in the same timeframe? And they're totally different devices (not even just Motion Sensors, but Entry Sensors as well) in totally different rooms?

If at least one sensor was triggered, and the alarm event was still ongoing (i.e. you hadn't turned off the sirens yet) then other sensors would still be able to trigger. And if they do, usually that's a sign that there really is someone (possible an intruder) moving around the house. For that particular incident, you weren't home, but are sure that nobody else was?


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Yes I am sure. The side door on the garage has a chain lock also and the chain was not removed.

The key pad would let me know if an alarm was triggered even though the system is not monitored, right ?

I have not seen any alerts on the key pad when I have returned home since cancelling the monitoring service.

AT first I thought it might be the transition to the 5G network that was causing the problem.

Hopefully you guys will get this straightened out before losing most of your customers. 

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You are right, if an actual alarm event occured, you'd also get the warning on the Keypad about it.

However, Monitoring Service only affects what happens after there's an alarm event; it doesn't affect whether or not your sensors can trigger.  So canceling or downgrading service shouldn't have had any impact.

As for 5G - I'm assuming that you mean the cell network connection. We are in the process of upgrading all of our Base Stations, but to 4G - and involves swapping out a chip inside the Base Station, so you would know if you've already done it (or if you purchased your system after December 2019, then it would already have 4G installed).

But that connection is only used for the link between your Base Station and the Monitoring Service. So again, it would have no impact on sensors.

At this point, or at least so far, it sounds like you haven't had any more of these mystery false alarms. We might need to wait for another incident to figure out a pattern. Since downgrading your service, do you still use your system regularly? i.e. arm and disarm?

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Yes, we still use it whenever we leave the house and also at night while sleeping.

Really would like to get this straightened out so I can reconnect to the monitoring service. 

We don't want to go on vacation or anywhere else for an extended amount of time and leave the house vulnerable to break-ins with no police response.

I did take the entry sensors off the front door, laundry room door & side garage door which are all steel and applied another 2 layers of mounting tape to insulate the magnets from the metal as was suggested by one of your representatives. Don't know if that did the trick but have not had any more alarms that I know of. 

Had one warning on the keypad last night before I set the alarm. It said the garage side door was not being monitored. I opened the door and shut it again and the warning cleared. Don't know what that was about.

Hopefully we can get this fixed so I can reconnect. 

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Ah, those Entry Sensors placed on metal are another, separate concern. Hopefully the padding cleared away that issue.

Since you've been going through so many different issues, I'm going to request a call from our Specialist team. Hopefully we can get all of these issues cleared out so we can get your service active again.

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