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Monday, November 29th, 2021 2:08 PM

Motion detector sensitivity with animals

We have a legacy system. We can't use the motion control because the cat sets it off. Is the new system better at ignoring pets?

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3 years ago

Just my opinion, but I personally feel the SS3 motion sensors are actually more sensitive.  

With either SS2 or SS3, you just have to make tweaks per your individual environment.  Try placing the sensors at least 5 feet up a wall and upside down for those with pets (can go as high as 7 feet or so, just remember, the higher it's placed, the less it might be able to detect a human heat signature).  If the sensor is placed upside down, the 'view' will be out and upward, as opposed to out and downward, the latter being more likely to set off with a pet in the home.  Next, put the sensitivity switch to medium (instead of high, high setting tends to give a lot more false alarms).  Once in medium setting, test the sensor(s) by allowing your kitty into the room, and test again by having a human enter the room - tweak with the sensitivity settings and the height of the sensor(s).  Remember that after each tweak, you have to allow a few moments for the sensor to 'warm up' or adjust to room temperature before you enter the room to test.  With kitties, they tend to jump or get on top of furniture to look out windows or catch a sunray for napping etc, so keep that in mind. Don't place your sensors facing a window with the sun or clouds moving across the window during the day, near any heating/cooling vents/registers, or ceiling fans, as any direct change of heat can set off the sensor.  If you have the simplicam, AND if you have interactive monitoring, it could be handy in which, you could set your motion sensor to "secret-alert" only, in which you would get a text alert when the sensor went off, but no alarm and no dispatch (you could check your simplicam video for that room the sensor went off) - you can also use the 'secret-alert' option during testing for a few days, as when you're not home, you'll get a better idea of how kitty uses that room with the sensor and tweak as necessary.
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