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Tuesday, May 12th, 2020 5:45 AM

metal door interfering with door way sensor/magnet

I have a set of metal french doors that lead out to my back porch, I'm experiencing difficulty with sensor and magnet recognizing the door is closed, I receive a warning every time I turn on my system, telling me that my back door is open, I have added additional thickness between the door and sensor with additional adhesive pads, in order  remove interference from the metal door, but still receive the warning that the door is open.

4 years ago

I don't think the metal doors is the problem, I have them on three metal doors and they have worked well for three years now. It sounds like the space between the magnet and sensor is too much.

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4 years ago

They should work fine on metal doors, we have them on 5 of them.  Sensor on door, magnet on frame.  Unless your frame is metal also? If that's the case you're going to have some issues.

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4 years ago

Sensor and magnet should be no more than 2 inches apart...ideally, they should be about an inch or less if possible.  As DP mentions about metal doors, maybe reverse the sensor and magnet (sensor on door/magnet on frame, or vice versa).  Also make sure that with the padding you are using, that both the sensor and the magnet are flush together in depth, or it will sometimes cause that "door open" message.

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4 years ago

You might try turning the magnet piece sideways(one "end" toward the sensor)...because technically speaking, when metal interferes with magnets the magnetic field shifts or 'rotates' enough for the sensor to not recognize that side of the magnet)

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7 months ago

Security companies use special contacts for metal doors and magnets. It is a known issue and the issue will be here too.  What is the solution Simplisafe?  Will there be a different door contact for metal doors?  

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@kurtturner12​ we have no plans for different magnets at this time.

However, you would really just need a bit of shielding for both the magnet and main sensor piece. Adding a wood, plastic, or even just cardboard layer should suffice!

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