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Saturday, October 15th, 2022 11:06 PM

Max distance from base to sensor?


I’m wondering how far you can place a sensor from the base module.

I have a long building that I am looking to protect.


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2 years ago

Hi @Farmstead_Fred ,

The Sensors have a range of about 500ft+ over open air - that is, if it was outside with nothing in the way. When placed inside a typical building, physical and wireless interference may reduce that range a bit, though you should have no trouble at half distance - about 250ft.

Some components do need to be a bit closer for best results. For example, the Keypad and the Outdoor Camera do need to send and receive a lot more data from the Base Station, so you want to keep them within 150ft.


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@davey_d​ that is SUPER helpful.

I can work within a400’ span for sure.

The building is all wood and wide open so I shouldn’t have the same issues that a steel framed building would.


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2 years ago

I want to help you, but I just realized this new forum/community is not working as intended. I also looked through my manuals and cannot locate the answer.


Customers have asked your specific question plenty of times, so the answer is somewhere here, but the search function returns with no definitive answers (if at all).


I am a satisfied customer going on for a decade, but if I were a new one, I would be frustrated. So your question should be easy to answer officially here, not some Google search guess (which is often wrong).

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2 years ago

Today I was setting up my newly purchased system. I think it's called a Gen. 3. I successfully installed an outdoor camera (CMOB1) approx. 200+ ft from my base station. It is as direct line of sight within a few inches. The base station is sitting inside the house (log cabin) on a picture window sill, with a double paned energy eff. e-window, and I can just barely see part of the camera from the base location.  The lower 3-4 inches of the base station are blocked by the wooden/plastic window frame. The house modem is outside the cabin under carport cover, close to line of sight of the camera within a foot, and also about 200+ ft from the camera. When activating the camera, I sometimes have to wait a few seconds longer than anticipated for it to work. The camera is set to 1080p, and on battery only. It's only been set up for about 5 hours, and I keep testing it for response. So far, so good. I think I'm going to be happy. I'll give it a few more days. Hope the above detail helps.


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