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Tuesday, February 4th, 2020 8:32 PM

Issue with Gun Safe sensor after upgarde from original system

I am in the process of upgrading from the original simplisafe system to the new system.   When I was using the original system I had a entry sensor in my gun safe which connected to the base station and sent an alert when the gun safe door was opened. When I attempted to install the entry sensor for the new system I keep getting a safe open error which I am assuming is because the sensor is loosing contact with the base station when the safe is closed.  I have tried relocating the sensor and magnet but have been unable to resolve the problem

1.  Are the sensors with the new system less powerful? Is so is there a way to boost the power to get the sensor to conenct to the base station?

2.  Would putting a motion detector in the gun safe serve as a work around so that when the door is opened the sensor signal would not be blocked and the sensor would sense the person opening the door and trigger the alarm.  Or do the motion sensors have to have a continuous connection to the base station to operate?  

3.   Do you have a sensor which does not have to have a continuous connection to the base station but instead triggers an alarm when it connects to the base station?

4.    Would I be better off to revert back to the original system which worked on my gun safe and return the upgraded system for a refund?

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4 years ago

The sensors are supposed to be more powerful on the new system, and in my case they both worked equally well with my detached garage away from the house.  There are some differences tho, the SS3 system is now encrypting it's data and the frequency might be a little different, both could possibly effect your gun safe.  Have you tried putting the base station in a location thats closer to the safe, but still works for your needs?

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Yes.  I moved the base station to the hallway beside the safe to see if that would work.  But I did not notice any difference,

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4 years ago

I had the same problem with a new sensor I mounted on a metal door.  Perhaps you could try having some sort of insulation between the sensor/magnet and the metal of the safe body/door.

You could modify a sensor to accept an wired magnetic (or other) switch.  Mount the switch inside the safe, run the wire to the sensor outside the safe.

1) At least one person has improved the performance of a sensor by extending the antenna.  This can be tricky, as the overall length and the way the extension is connected are critical.

2) I don't think it would be reliable.  But it should be easy to try it.

3) No

4) Depends on how much you like the new system other than this one glitch.  You have 60 days from the day you ordered it in order to get a full refund.
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