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Monday, September 10th, 2018 1:50 PM

Invalid Low Battery Warning

I have a glassbreak sensor that worked fine for prob. 2 years, and then I got a low battery warning.  No problem, I replaced the battery, but the keypad still shows that the battery is low.  I tried another new battery, but the keypad still indicates that the battery is low.  Is there a way to reset this so that Simplisafe sees that a new battery is installed?

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6 years ago

Remove the sensor from the system and then re-add it. This should force reset all settings for the individual sensor.

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Thanks Steve.  I removed the glassbreak sensor and re-added it, but the low battery message remains.  I even swapped batteries with another sensor, and this problem one still says low battery and the other one does not, so it is not the battery.

So, one last thing, I removed the sensor from my system and the keypad STILL says low battery!  I logged on to the web to see what my system looks like there, and sync'd, and sure enough on the web it shows that the sensor is removed, but the keypad still says low battery on a sensor that is not even in my system anymore.  Strange.

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6 years ago

So I figured a good old-fashioned reboot might do the trick, and it did, the message is gone.



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6 years ago

If by rebooting, you mean you did so via the base station, you shouldn't have had to do that - you can do it on your online interactive plan - as Steve mentioned, remove that sensor from your list, click "save changes" button at bottom of page, then re-add the sensor, and click "save changes" (or "sync to base station" button) again and the base station should recognize the change.  If it doesn't, there could be a problem with the sensor itself in which, if you're still under the 3-year warranty, have SS replace it.

Glad to hear you got it fixed, but if it happens again with that sensor, try the above and if doesn't work, get it replaced.
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