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Friday, August 11th, 2023 4:10 PM

if I name an entry sensor "garage door" all hell breaks loose

since day one I have had an issue with my garage door sensor. first, it was telling me the battery was low, so I put in a brand-new battery. then it constantly said the door was open. so SS had me reset it, delete it, and some other stuff, and eventually, they replaced it. made no difference. so they told me to move it on the door. didn't matter. then most recently it was just "offline" or something. just for fun, I switched it with my front door sensor and I now had the issue at the front door. I renamed everything and now my original front door sensor now named garage is giving me trouble. I now have it named "basement door" and so far it has worked fine.

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10 months ago

Hi @baldmarc1 ,

That is indeed very strange. We don't program different behaviors based on the name of the Entry Sensor; the system treats all Entry Sensors the same.

The biggest clue to what I think is going on is that you're seeing both the persistent Entry Sensor Open, and an Offline error. Would that garage door be a fire door that is made out of metal? (you can check by trying to stick a fridge magnet on the door).

Metal doors would be an issue for Entry Sensors for two reasons. First, the sensor works by detecting the presence of a magnet (the smaller piece). The metal could prevent that from happening. The solution is to add some shielding - perhaps a piece of plastic or wood - underneath both pieces.

The second problem is physical interference. The metal of your door could be blocking the wireless signal between your Entry Sensor and Base Station. Moving the sensor to different spots on that door is a good first step, so we can maybe find a spot where it has a better time communicating. But if that fails, it might be a better idea to try a different sensor entirely - for example a Motion Sensor, which can watch over that point of entry while being positioned somewhere else.

The crucial piece here is that it could take a while before a sensor registers as Offline. So it wouldn't matter what you name any sensor that you place in your garage; they might all eventually fail - that is, unless we work around the metal issue.



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10 months ago

@baldmarc1 I read your post a few times and reminded me of a "mysterious" issue I had with my SS2 system and a motion sensor mounted in my kitchen. Will not bore you with a long, long story but the punch line was the sensor was picking up a family member, sporadically, entering the kitchen through the garage door and setting off the alarm (it was notifying the base occassionally before the entry sensor would notify the base and start the entry countdown. Weeks of troubleshooting and 3 phone calls to SS finally solved the mystery and just reduced the sensistivity...mystery solved.

I have several entry sensors with the word "garage" in their names, and one motion sensor, and all work fine so I would scratch that off the list. A bad sensor, weak battery or signal can all be at play here, or combination.  I would call support and ask the agent to review your post first. When done, politely ask for escalation to a techncial specialist for a call back.

Or, just leave the new name. Heck, if it works, why mess with success?

Good luck and post your outocme here if you get a chance.


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