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Sunday, April 12th, 2020 4:35 PM

I had an entry sensor fall off a window last night.

One of my three entry sensors fell off of a basement window at 2:15am, when I was sound asleep.  I now know from practical experience that my alarm works as it is supposed to.  I have a siren on the top story of my house and a siren in the basement.  Even with the best noise killing earplugs that money can buy crammed into my ears, it woke me out of a dead sleep.  Fortunately I had a keypad in the bedroom and was able to shut the alarm off before SS called.  It took me 3 hours to fall back to sleep because of the extreme adrenaline rush of having a burglar alarm go off in the middle of the night and having to go down to the basement where there was a potential burglar in my house.  I checked all of my other entry sensors this morning and they are all stuck in place.  I am still not sure what caused this one to fall down.  I stuck it back up this morning with some other sticky square that is not removable.  Hopefully it stays in place, because I don't want to be woken up like that again.

In addition to the entry sensors on each window, I have a motion sensor that should catch anyone creeping toward the stairs.  I also have wooden dowels in each window to prevent them from being slid open.  What I don't have is glass break sensors.  I think that I will be buying a couple of those today.  Of course I wasn't thinking clearly in the middle of the night with the alarm blaring (I could barely remember my PIN or how to shut it off) but one way I could have been sure that it wasn't an actual burglar would have been to check the keypad for what sensors were tripped.  In this case, the motion sensor wasn't tripped and that would have told me enough to get my heart rate down sooner.

Stupid sticky squares.

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4 years ago

I just discovered and purchased this gel tape to hang my Simplicams.  It works very well.  I had to move one of the cams to the other side of the wall and didn't bother changing or cleaning the tape.  It's holding just as strong. I've only been using it for a week now, but am considering using it on all my sensors.  You may want to look into it for your sensors.


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4 years ago

Hey, that's pretty cool.  I can think of a lot of uses for something like this.  Thanks for sharing the link.
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