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Friday, December 25th, 2020 12:04 PM

How to remove old sensors

I am trying install the motion sensors and entry sensors I bought, but before I can do that, I need to remove the entry sensors and motion sensor left behind by the previous residents. Wonder what is the recommended way to remove the sensors? I have concern removing them will damage the wall/door/door frame. I worry the adhesive will take away paint from the wall/door/door frame.  

I also wonder if I can in fact re-use those left-behind sensors?





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3 years ago

@SummerLavender unfortunately, older SS2 sensors will not work with SS3 sensors, and SS equipment only works with SS equipment. I wasn't sure what was your old sensors vs the new.

To remove old SS sensors, they used 3M command strips, so you can slowly pully the tab on the tape and it should come off. Make sure to look for small screws that may have been used to mount the sensors and remove them first.

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Hey cool, so first try to yank them off and if they actually have small screws then just repair that before putting up the new ones.  

The older motion sensors do have screws and if you try to remove them like they have 3M command strips you will rip your drywall.  I would think this is the type of information Simplisafe would provide.
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