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Monday, August 14th, 2023 11:03 AM

How do I test my motion sensors

I would like to ensure the motion sensors are working with out setting off the alarm. How do I do that?



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7 months ago

@b2pken First a comment to SS: I did a search on "Testing motion sensorss" and got pages and pages of everything but that. Suggest that since the community and support pages are pretty "mature" now, you have a basic navigation issue. Please don't post a link and call it day and say "fixed". Get customers, or if you have to, product managers, be responsible for web content review every day as part of their jobs. End of commerical.

@b2pken my apologies for the delay.  Put your system in test mode (Keypad, press menu, enter pin, test mode)

After that, go to each sensor you want to test, press the test button on the top of the sensor, then go to the perimiter of the area you want to test and clap your hands. Make sure voice prompts on base is on high and you should hear "motion sesnor". If so, good to go. If not, if you have a Gen1 motion sensor (recommneded) you can take off the cover and increase the sensitivity.

Option 2: Put all your motions for "off" mode to secret alert".  Walk or crawl in each area slowly and see if you get the alerts.

Option 3 that I prefer: Arm the system to away or home if your motions are set to arm - mine do in most of the rooms- move into the area of the motion you want to test and see if the alarm goes off. Enter your PIN immediately and hit off. Repeat.

If you still have questions, call support to troubleshoot or assistance with testing.  Note that my nine motions were all first installed and tested. Over a week period I had to move 5 of them and adjust the sensitivity on several. All have been not touched for over 6 years now and work perfectly, no false alarms but checked bimonthly.  Also all are on instant trigger to alarm, all on in away mode, those on the 2nd floor where are bedrooms are off in home mode. Keep them pointed away from windows, especially those facing due east or west, away from heatingAC ducts etc.

Good luck.


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