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Thursday, August 11th, 2022 9:51 PM

"Hallway" Motion Sensors Went Offline (Two Different Residences)

Yesterday I received an alert on my phone (via the SimpliSafe app) at 2:52 PM:
"Device Not Responding Hallway Motion Sensor"

Having already had the issue once before with my home office's Motion Sensor, I took out the battery in the problem sensor, reinstalled it, and that action restored the device. Now here comes the weird part.

I gifted my family member SS3 as a housewarming gift in late March (an upgrade from SS2). Last night at 7:52 PM, they sent me a text with the same error. When I say exact, it was only one Motion Sensor, and it was the exact location/device name: "Device Not Responding Hallway Motion Sensor." I told them about the weird problem I had only five hours earlier to the minute. They followed the steps I gave them to get it back online.

Did anyone else have an issue with their "Hallway Motion Sensor" yesterday? I ask as that was the only one (of multiple Motion Sensors) in separate homes to go offline. I am trying to figure out if perhaps there was an issue with SimpliSafe that would trigger such a specific event because the coincidence is exceptionally bizarre. To have the error happen to the minute five hours apart on a device named the same seems like there is more to the problem.

And we have separate accounts, never linked, and they live quite a distance away. So their gift was never associated with my own in any way.

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2 years ago

Hi @shiherlis ,

For what it's worth, we haven't gotten reports of a widespread issue like this. So I think we can chalk it up to an odd coincidence, and two cases that we should troubleshoot separately.

Of course, as a SimpliSafe veteran, you already know what causes that "Device Not Responding" error. It's when a sensor fails to check in with the Base Station after a prolonged period. Taking out a battery and reinserting will force the unit to send a signal right away.

But if the issue is environmental, like if there's physical or wireless interference, the error might come back eventually. We'll need to troubleshoot and maybe move the sensor to a different spot for a permanent solution.

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