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Thursday, January 16th, 2020 11:24 PM

Garage Door

We want to put a sensor on our garage door.  Is the best option to use a motion sensor?

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4 years ago

Motion sensor can't hurt, but a door sensor is a better option in my view.  You might use both as layered security.

Several solutions on here from other users including these:


My solution (complete with terrible wordworking):

The sensor is screwed down even though it's on a horizontal surface, just in-case. The magnet is screwed to a small piece of wood that I secured to the top section of the door with self-stripping screws. When the door opens, the short height of the wood it just clears the ceiling by millimeters, but still be within operating distance of the sensor. Took a couple tries to get the length right. When the door is closed, the magnet is within about 3/4 in of the sensor. Works great!


Another solution I found that uses a hinge. This is not my idea, I found it using a DuckDuckGo image search.
Basically the hinge allows the magnet to swing away from the sensor when the door opens. Pretty slick.


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4 years ago

"Motion" sensor is actually a "change in heat" sensor.  So if the garage is not climate controlled, the "motion" sensor may not be as reliable.

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4 years ago

Thank you both for your suggestions and photos!  I will pass this on to my husband and he can figure it out!

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4 years ago

Thanks for posting this.

The front garage door is the one window and door that does not have an entry sensor.

It's an attached garage, and the exterior side door has a entry sensor, as does the door between garage and house.

Have been thinking of adding entry sensor to front, main garage door, but have the problem with car or person entering an using keypad to turn off Simplisafe.

But my thread on Instant Trigger made me realize that I could use key fob or phone app to turn it off and on.
Or perhaps keypad to arm, and key fob or phone to turn it off and on.

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4 years ago

My garage door sensor is set to secret alert only so I don't have to deactivate the alarm before opening it.  The notification arrives effectively instantly.  Eventually I may set it to delayed entry trigger and then use the fob, app, or run up the stairs to the keypad.  My entry delay is 40 seconds which is plenty of time to park, exit, get up the stairs and enter the pin, so long as I don't fiddle-about.
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