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Tuesday, July 18th, 2023 11:47 PM

Garage bay doors

Is there a way to put a sensor on your garage bay doors? 

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11 months ago

Hi @conleymichele, 

Yes, you can put an Entry Sensor on your garage doors. You can place the main sensor piece on the frame, and the magnet on the moving parts of the door. Just remember to keep in mind that if the pieces are farther than 2 inches apart, the sensor will be registered as "open". 

A few other things to keep top of mind when installing an Entry Sensor in the garage as well:

  1. The Entry Sensors work by detecting a magnet, so you don't want to install the pieces directly on metal - especially iron or steel. If your garage doors are made of steel, we recommend putting padding between both the sensor and magnet. This can be anything like a piece of wood, plastic, or another adhesive layer.
  2. The Entry Sensor performs best between 32ºF and 120ºF. That doesn't mean that it will stop working immediately beyond that range - but you might see some decreased performance, especially with battery life.
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