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Tuesday, December 20th, 2022 10:52 AM

Fire protection system integration

Are there options or future plans for water flow alarm, fire pump run notification, and fire pump controller tamper alarm, etc.?



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2 years ago

@badoyle While requested many times in the past, other than "we will pass your suggestion/request to our product development team" there is no information on what or when SS is working on. Sometimes there are hints at the FCC site or some 3rd party sites but SS does pretty good at keeping things close to the vest.....

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2 years ago

Hi @badoyle ,

We do not have any info on upcoming products like those.

What I can say is that when it comes to sensors, SimpliSafe has been primarily focused on those that can be installed independently and wirelessly. Like our existing Water Sensor (for sensing leaks - and also handy for keeping tabs on a sump pump or a misbehaving washing machine, etc.), which can just be placed anywhere on the floor.

Or our existing Smoke Detector, which does have a mount that needs to be screwed into the ceiling (per NFPA rules), but can be moved around to any spot due to not requiring any wiring.

If we ever expand offerings for fire safety or other categories, it would be something like that.

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