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Monday, September 21st, 2020 8:50 AM

False signals from sensor - help please

So... woken at 4.42am this morning with back door sensor not responding.  

Also had games room entry sensor open last week.

I decided to run a test.


Sensor showed window OPEN when closed. Note window had not been open for months.

I set system to home mode. Refreshed it. Still said open. So it will obviously ignore this window (if it was open).

I opened the window (closed but system in error thinks its open) and the alarm immediately sounded.

Outcome - entry sensor sending signal to base saying it's open but sensor is operating in responsive state and when open it the alarm sounds.

BACK DOOR ENTRY SENSOR (add multiple others)

Signal - entry sensor not responding.

I have my sirens set to beep when an entry point is open in off mode.  

So with it not responding I opened the back door.

Outcome- siren beeped to state back door had been opened.


The sensors - multiple sensors- are all stating the system is not responding yet they ARE responsive.

Has anyone had this problem before and able to help?

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4 years ago


Now my bathroom window is telling me it's open. Its closed. I have set it to home mode. Base station tells me it's open. I open window and boom alarm sounds


My system is responsive

Yet I am being flooded with error not responding and error sensors open warnings

Sick to death of it

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4 years ago

I had an entry sensor in each of two different systems that would occasionally give the not responding notice. I "uninstalled" it from the respective system, took out the battery for a minute, put back the battery, then added the sensor back to the system. It's been several months since doing that but so far have not had any recurrence of the issue. This is SS2 systems I'm talking about.

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4 years ago

I have uninstalled them all but never thought of the battery part. I might do that !!!! Thank you !!!!!!!!

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4 years ago

I've done the same thing with sensors "not responding" - but I don't take them off the list and re-add them.  I only take out the battery, re-seat it, test the sensor and most of the time, good to go.  Maybe try that with all your sensors that are going whacko, with the batteries first - but I still contend, if this doesn't solve the issue, you might have a problem with your base station (posted on your other post) and should call SS to see if they agree.
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