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Saturday, March 14th, 2020 7:23 AM

False alarms on 3 entry sensors

Hi - I've had three entry sensors cause false alarms.  All are placed correctly || and in same plane less than 2 in apart.
All show the blue light correctly when opened/closed.  
All have been installed and working fine for weeks.
Only way I can make the system recover is to repeatedly open/close that sensor until it functions again(something I am NOT doing at 3am after being woke. From a sound sleep for a false alarm.)




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4 years ago

@beckypar14  SS2 or SS3? How many feet is the entry sensor to the base? Please describe where you have the base (off floor, near window, in basement, 2nd floor, near any electrical devices etc) Did you speak with SS support and if so what did they say?
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