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Saturday, July 24th, 2021 3:01 PM

Equipment to make entry sensor chime sound that isn't the base station?


Is there any equipment that can be added to the system to make the entry sensor door chime sound beyond the single base station? This is an important feature to us. We want to hear if a 4-year-old is sneaking out the door from all over our house and the base station can't always be heard. A previous alarm system we had would sound the chimes from any keypad. It may seem crazy, but we'll likely return the whole system if we can't hear this chime easily throughout our not even very big home.




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3 years ago

@aengblom there is a way to increase the sound of the chime by using the SS auxilary siren (that is, if you have one). You can go to the phone app, or to your dashboard at the SS website, and turn "Chime on" and then set the volume to high.

This may get it to be loud enough for you.  Please post your outcome here if you get the chance.

Good luck!

BTW, if you don't have the aux siren its a good investment. Much louder than the base and easy to install (greatly easier than SS2)

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3 years ago

Also, btw, the auxiliary siren can mimic the entry/exit delay beeps and the door chime beeps given by the base and keypad.

Find it here: https://simplisafe.com/alarm-sensors

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3 years ago

ya..... until it doesn't!

been on hold for an HOUR because on of our sirens isn't chiming or doing the countdown!

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2 years ago

I have the same question.  It seems like the keypad could do this fairly easily with a software update or send a push notification to my phone. Please add this feature in a near future update. 

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@rosmith59​ did you already know about the Wireless Siren?

Not only does it have an extra-loud 105dB siren sound for alarms, but it can also relay countdown timers, as well as the Entry Sensor Chime. It might work for what you're looking for.

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