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Wednesday, August 19th, 2020 5:37 PM

Entry sensors not adhering to windows

Anyone have issues with the sensor not sticking to windows? The direct sun seems to be an issue.  Any suggestions on what to use to help firm up the "stickiness" to keep them from falling off?

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4 years ago


Having a sensor (and the adhesive) that is directly exposed to sunlight is definitely tricky. We're assuming that you've already considered moving the sensor to a different spot where the adhesive won't be so exposed?

There are adhesives with stronger hold that might help. For example, 3M makes an "outdoor" variety of their Command Strips that could be useful in this case.

Johnny M.
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4 years ago

Get some "nano tape", which is clear, double-sided, and reusable adhesive tape.  The stuff is amazing and much better than any double-sided foam tape.  It runs about $7 US per 3 meter roll from the usual suspects.

Whatever tape you use, make sure the surfaces are spotlessly clean before applying the adhesive.

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4 years ago

I used some 3M VHB double sided foam tape to stick some fairly large wooden house numbers to exterior stucco. More than a decade later they're still hanging tough. That said the tape has limited direct exposure to UV. None the less, it is outside spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Problem though, it probably won't come off without a bit of the surface unless you razor through it. Don't use unless you want a "permanent" installation.
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