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Tuesday, January 21st, 2020 3:59 PM

Entry sensors do not fit

We have reported multiple times that the entry sensor is too big and impedes the door opening for doors that open inward.  We were told that there were "narrow" sensors that fix this problem and were sent replacement sensors ... they were the same sensors we already had.  Reported it ... "sorry about that" and sent replacement narrow sensors.  Once again they were the exact same sensors that we had.  So if those ARE the narrow sensors then how do we get them to be narrow so that the door can be opened?!  This is getting absurd!



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4 years ago

@mamkmm2 some questions so I or someone else can possibly assist.

Is your system SS2 or SS3?

When you say the same sensor, are you talking about the entire sensor body or just the magnet that SS sent you?

Can you describe he door and molding a bit more?  How deep is the frame? Can you post a picture and provide a link?


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4 years ago

There is only one sensor (for each level of system).  There are slim magnets..

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4 years ago

Easy fix if you are speaking about the magnet part of the sensor.

Cut the magnet out of the plastic casing. Lots of plastic for a small magnet.

Use some 3M brand two sided tape and tape the magnet to your door frame.

It should fit and not extend into the gap between frame and door.

Paint the magnet the same color as your door frame.

I have three installed like that without issue.
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