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Friday, March 25th, 2022 11:48 PM

Entry Sensor Triggered at 2 AM

My first weird experience with a false alarm and an Entry Sensor happened to occur at precisely 2:06 AM this morning. I was in my home office approximately 10 feet from the sensor when my phone said what the culprit was. I listened for a bit (to hear if anyone had made it inside) then opened my office door to see no one. I disabled the alarm and checked the entryway window to find the window closed and the sensor intact. It was a bizarre and scary experience. I checked my camera footage and saw nothing. I also went out this morning to look for any footprints and see if the screen had been tampered with – nothing was noticeable.


Has anyone had this happen? Motion Sensors I get (which is why I have them disabled in Home mode), but an Entry Sensor? This is the first time I have had this happen in over 8 years (SS2 and SS3). And as is usually the case in such instances, it had to happen in the dead of night.


I am now trying to figure out the cause. Although I stayed up until approximately 6:30 AM thinking it might go off again (i.e., the sensor went bad, or the battery was an issue), it never did.

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2 years ago

Hi shiherlis,

So sorry to hear about your literally restless night!

Based on what you've mentioned, the only thing I can think of is that somehow the Entry Sensor lost track of its magnet. You said it's installed on a window. Is the frame made out of metal? Is the magnet installed at around 2" away from the sensor?



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2 years ago

@shiherlis Good morning. Glad you are safe. There was another thread that reported three occurrences of self arming, including one from me.  I believe I have an explanation for mine, and its my understanding one of the other two  also had an explanation. For yours, that's a head scratcher and recommend you email SS to report and want an explanation. Also, please check your timeline for clues and direct discussion area.  Have a good weekend.


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2 years ago

Thank you, @captain11 and @davey_d. I just now had the opportunity to inspect the Entry Sensor in question, and the sensor (not the magnet) had fallen from the wall. The detaching is the second Entry Sensor on a window in which this has occurred, and it is due to the off-brand strips the SS3 systems initially shipped with. I just replaced it with a Command 3M strip.

I had no idea it had fallen off the wall because of the location. I have it affixed tightly against the magnet and bottom of the window. So when it fell, it simply detached and appeared as though it was still intact.

I will order some longer 3M strips for the Keypad this week. While I have not had any issues with it falling since installation (that was quite the task and is how I found the strips were not 3M), it probably is only a matter of time now. 

Fortunately, the system I installed as a housewarming gift came with the Command strips, but the Keypad will need replacing, as the rocker is so loose it rattles with any movement. I thought something was open in the Keypad until I realized it was the rocker.


I spoke with Customer Support, and although initially I was told there was nothing SimpliSafe could do about the Keypad (since it was an authorized retailer purchase), they are sending a new one out. At first, the CS Rep said I would have to return it to the retailer. That did not make sense as I only needed to replace one component, and I am sure the store would not allow me to exchange just the Keypad. The only problem is they are sending it to me and not the family member who received the housewarming gift. Maybe it is because I purchased their system? Hopefully, it does not associate the new Keypad with my monitoring/system, and I can replace the other and send it back without issue.


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