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Thursday, May 5th, 2022 9:40 PM

Entry Sensor Quit Working


One of my entry sensors just quit working ("Sensor error: An Entry Sensor xxx is not responding at yyy").

I put in not one but two new batteries.

It makes a faint "click" as one moves it close/far away from the magnet, but the blue light does not go on.

Do sensors just "go bad" when it is not the battery?


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1 year ago

Hi @largedoggie ,

"Not Responding" errors can happen for any reason when a sensor is not able to communicate with the Base Station.

So yes, it could be a battery issue. But those batteries should be lasting about 3-5 years; and you certainly shouldn't need to replace it more than once in a very short period of time! And you should also have gotten a "Low Battery" warning from the system as well.

I would have suggested looking into other causes of communication errors, like we lay out on this Help Center page. But you mention that the light isn't even coming on at all - suggesting that even with the new battery, it isn't being powered. Do you think it's possible for that sensor to be damaged?

Of course, our Support team at 800-548-9508 can replace it for you, under warranty.


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11 months ago

Hello Davey,

  I have a similar problem.  Entry sensor on bedroom window works sporadically.  Replaced the battery 3 times.  It now is completely dead. 

  Worked fine for a while, it is not a wifi issue as there are other sensors farther away working fine.

  Need a replacement


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@JTSargent​ please be aware that this is a public forum. We have removed your address info from your post.

Our sensors use local radio, not WiFi. And I don't think it's a range issue for your either (and definitely not a battery issue). There is likely something blocking the signal at that particular spot.

One good way to test is to simply swap out that Entry Sensor (let's call that Sensor A) with another one (Sensor B).

If Sensor A starts functioning normally, and if Sensor B stops functioning, then we know that the position at the window is a deadspot. So it might help to move the sensor to a different position on the same window, or use a different sensor (like a Motion Sensor) to guard that window.

If Sensor A just doesn't send signals anymore even at a new spot, that's when we know it's definitely a hardware issue and we should replace that sensor. Please contact our Support team and they can place that order for you.

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