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Wednesday, June 8th, 2022 5:58 PM

Entry Sensor Malfunction?

I have an entry sensor on my backdoor. When the system is set to home or away mode, opening the backdoor does not trigger the alarm countdown - it doesn't even recognize the senor as being tripped. It's only when I close the door that the alarm countdown starts. Basically, if someone tried breaking into our house via the backdoor, the alarm wouldn't go off so long as they didn't close the door. This has been happening sporadically over the past month or so. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

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2 years ago

@Bodoma    could be a signal strength issue, or a bad sensor. First step, swap the entry sensor with another one that you know is working properly. Test to see if the issue continues. If it stops, call SS and get the faulty sensor replaced at nc. If it till happens, try moving the base. If still an issue, call SS to troubleshoot further.

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10 months ago

We have had exactly the same problem with our door entry sensors off and on over the years. It seems to mainly happen when the system has been in home mode overnight. Maybe the door sensor loses touch with the network and doesn't reestablish it until the second event? It sometimes seems to improve if we change batteries, even though the sensor works OK otherwise. Since it requires 8 hours of waiting to do one test, it is hard to troubleshoot!

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@mfripp​ Are your Entry Sensors installed on a metal surface - like iron or steel? If either piece of the sensor is on metal, it can demagnetize and impact its function. If your sensor is on metal, my recommendation would be to add some padding under both pieces. This can be anything like a piece of wood, plastic, or an extra layer of adhesive. 

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