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Saturday, September 26th, 2020 7:08 PM

Entry sensor ideas - where do you use yours

Other than the usual EXTERNAL entry points where does everyone use their enter sensors.

Does anyone use them in upper levels, for certain internal doors or any other reasons.



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4 years ago

@dandyDons I have entry sensors now on my garage doors. I posted a link to a youtube video that the creator is sheer genius and uses a door hinge and an entry sensor to do it. I already did one garage door and works great!

I also have entry sensors on two drawers in my home office and on a closet door near the front foyer. When the system is armed, if they are opened they will set an alarm instantly.  (Consider them booby traps if anyone gets by my motion and glass break sensors.)

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4 years ago

love it.... booby traps!

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3 years ago

I have a door between two basement areas, and another at a door at the top of the stairs from basement to kitchen.  These are often open when I am home so are off when in Home mode.  But in Away mode, which I use at night, I have the doors closed and sensor armed.  If somehow someone gets in the basement, they have to go thru two doors to get upstairs to me, and would trigger two different alarms.  That gives me warning of how someone is coming in.
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