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Sunday, March 12th, 2023 10:01 PM

Entry Sensor Delay

Can I customize the delay in which an entry sensor triggers an alarm? For example, I would like to set the delay for a garage door entry sensor for 2-3 minutes to allow enough time to enter your car, back out of the garage and shut the door

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1 year ago

Hi @msmmym83 ,

You are able to set the time for Exit Delay, for both Home and Away Modes. But it is a systemwide setting that affects all your Entry, Motion, and Glassbreak Sensors - and cannot be set on a per-sensor basis.

But it's also important to know that Entry Sensors specifically only trigger when going from Closed to Open - not just when the sensor is Open while the system is armed.

So in this scenario, you can start by opening your garage door. Then you can arm the system. You'll get a warning from the Base Station that a sensor is still open, but that won't stop the system from arming, and it won't trigger an alarm. Only when that sensor is closed again (that is, you've gotten into your car, driven out of the garage, and then closed the garage door) will it be ready to trigger any alarms.



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@msmmym83 you can only set a specific time for entry or exit on 1 sensor, for both exit and away mode, and its the first one you open or trip. What you are describing is exactly the same lmitation I have run into with my two entry sensors that are mounted on my two garage doors.  My solution (far from prefect) is to have instant trigger on and having them alarmed for home mode only. That is the same setting for my exit/entry delay settings for home mode set to 0. Once we are in bed, we don't expect anyone to be coming into our home, including the garage. 

I am hoping that by now Simplisafe is working on the necessary software integration to make official "garage door sensors" a reality. With the Etsy nylon holders and existing entry sensors, I would say the hardware design and other work is already done for them and this could be an easy win.

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Guys, Thank you.  This is very helpful

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