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Monday, November 27th, 2023 1:23 PM

Entry Sensor -> Blue Lights & Chime... but no countdown from Keypad? Was working fine for years.

Greetings All!

I have an existing system that's been functioning reliably for about 6 years now in this house.   The garage entry door, which we normally leave and enter the house through, sits within 3 feet of our wall-mounted keypad.   The door itself has a door sensor on it.

Recently, my wife and I realized that, when we enter the house (while the alarm unit is activated), the usual "30-second countdown with beeping" / warning that the alarm is about to occur... does NOT happen.   It typically won't begin until after we shut the door again.  And sometimes, there's a delay in the countdown starting even after that.

This issue seems to have begun about two basestation-updates ago... so... just a few weeks ago.   Since then I have TOTALLY REPLACED the door sensor... both pieces... with a new one purchased from Simplisafe.

And yet the problem is still happening.

I tried testing with our home's front door / door sensor and the countdown seems to engage right away.

I thought perhaps the base station wasn't getting the signal... but I noticed that we still do hear the "dung-ding" from the base station when we open that garage entry door.   So that makes me think it's not a base station issue?

Any thoughts?


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7 months ago

Hi @dr4296 ,

This is certainly a mystery! Just so I have this straight:

  • You're positive that the system is indeed armed prior to you entering the house.
  • Once you do enter, you don't hear the countdown indicating that the alarm has been tripped.
  • Bu the Entry Sensor shows a blue light, meaning that it is powered on and able to detect its magnet.
  • And you DO hear the Entry Chime, so it's definitely still linked.
  • This happens only for the Garage Door Entry Sensor, and your other Entry Sensors are still working.

Can you go into your sensor's settings to check if that sensor is set as Disabled in either Home or Away Mode? You can find the setting on the SimpliSafe app:

  1. Tap the three-bar ☰ Menu icon on the top left
  2. Select My System
  3. Select Device Settings
  4. Select your Garage Entry Sensor
  5. Under "Alarm Mode", there will be separate settings for Off, Home, and Away

If a sensor is set to "Disabled" in Home or Away mode, it will act like the system is Off. So you'd hear the chime from the Base Station (or it will announce the sensor's name, if you have that enabled), but it will not be able to trigger an alarm.

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@davey_d​. Wow!  That was it!  It was disabled across the board!  I certainly hadn't edited that.  Does it set it that way when you add a new device?  (I did have to do that when I bought a replacement sensor in order to try to address this problem.)

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@dr4296When you add a new Entry Sensor to your system, its alarm should be enabled in both Home and Away Modes by default. Since this Entry Sensor's alarm was disabled, I would check any other sensors on your system to ensure that they will all trigger alarms in the armed modes you want.

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7 months ago

Awesome job @davey_d good job on that as I didn't even think of that. 

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