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Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 5:34 AM

Entry chime not working

I recently installed my system and things were working great.  Some where along the way I noticed that when I opened a door or window it no longer chimes even though I have the settings on the base station and the siren to chime.  Has anyone experienced the same issue?  I removed the siren from the system and re-added it but it still doesn't work.  However, it does chirp when you enter the house before disarming the system.  I also thought that maybe having the base station chirp and the siren may have been a programming bug so I set the base station to OFF and the siren to chirp when an entry is triggered but it did not solve the problem.  I am not sure what else to do to test.  Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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5 years ago

I have not encountered this issue, but if that particular sensor is triggering the entry delay when the alarm is set, perhaps you can try restarting the base station with a power reset.

Unplug the base station, and remove the batteries from the compartment underneath.
Leave it powered down (no batteries and no power cable) for 1 minute.

Plug the system in using the power cable and test the sensor to see if the chime happens.
If the chime doesn't happen, try using another entry sensor in the same place to see if it's a connection issue.
Failing all else, I would suggest calling into tech support to have them walk you through all of the troubleshooting steps, and perhaps get a replacement.

5 years ago

I am encountering the same issue, i.e. the entry chime(s) for all of my twenty (20) sensors have stopped working. This feature has been regularly working without fail, then all of sudden today I noticed it wasn't....

Looking at the keypad, it's all of sudden displaying "Keypad out of range", which is strange because it's within five feet of the base station, which sits on a table. Neither of these components have been moved from their original location in over a year. Figuring the batteries in the keypad need to be replaced and hoping it would resolve both issues, did nothing.

At present, I am not sure what to do next. I guess restarting the base station is the next step.

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5 years ago


Make sure your settings are correct, there are two places in your online control panel to do so (or via your keypad)

Under System:
Then to Additional Settings:
choose Siren Volume (off, low, med, high)
choose Chime Volume (off, low, med, high)
choose Voice Prompt Volume (off, low, med, high)
Near bottom of page, click Save Settings when done.

Under Devices:
Go down your list until you see your Siren:
choose an option for entry beeps (off, low, med, high)
choose option for exit beeps (off, low, med, high)
choose door chime options (off, low, med, high)
choose alarm options (off, low, med, high)
Near bottom of page, click Save Settings when done.

If this doesn't work, or you're still having chime issues, call SS for assistance.

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5 years ago


Sometimes, all that is necessary is moving the base station a few inches from where it normally is, closer to a window.  Other times, you may need to re-boot the base station, then do a user test to test your sensors.

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5 years ago

I've had this same problem.  When I first installed the system (base, two keypads, three entry sensors, many motion sensors, water sensor), the entry chimes sounded on the base station, but ever since I installed the rest of the devices including many smoke sensors as well as two additional sirens, the entry chimes stopped sounding, and I have not been able to get the entry chimes to work since.  I have checked the system settings (chime: low) and the two siren settings (both - door chime: low), and I have even turned them off, then back on.  Has anyone had success fixing this?  If not, I think I need to call SS.  Thanks.

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Hey Longhorn92 -

I have the exact same issue (verbatim of your post) -- did you ever come upon a solution for this issue of the door chimes not working?


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5 years ago

If changing your settings didn't work, it sounds like you need to call SS to troubleshoot.

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4 years ago

Have you checked your system settings to make sure the chime didn't somehow get disabled?  And do the voice prompts still work?  Try rebooting the base by removing power and batteries to it.  If voice prompts don't work either the speaker is either out or the electronics have fried.  In that scenario you'd need to call SS.

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8 months ago

I have the same issue 

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8 months ago

I called customer service. If you put it in test mode, press the entry sensor test button, and the base is recognizing but the chime still isn’t working, then do the following:

Remove the device altogether from the keypad then re-add it. The customer service agent did it for me while I was on the phone with her, but she told if it ever happens again that I can do it myself. 

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@grover_dave​ sounds like what happened for you is that your Entry Sensor was disconnected for some reason - perhaps because it ran out of battery, was out of range, or because interference from other wireless signals or physical objects blockied the signal, prevented the sensor from checking in. If that happens, eventually the sensor's secure check-in becomes unsynced, so it has to be removed and re-added to the system.

Hopefully our Support team was able to work with you on troubleshooting the connectivity issue. But if you see that sensor acting up again, let us know!

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