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Saturday, April 17th, 2021 12:11 PM

Embedding entry sensor magnet in the door frame

I have 2 door frames in my home that are very deep and there is no clear way to mount the magnet without it getting sheared off when the door is opened.

The installers of an old ADT alarm system (which my SS system is replacing) chiseled a notch in the frame and broke open the magnet container, removed the metal part and hammered it into the notch.

I'd like to do something a little nicer. I can route out a magnet size hole, but what would be really nice would be to have a magnet that is packaged to be embedded flush with the wall. I could easily imagine something like this existing, but I can't find it anywhere online.

Anyone else fine a good solution to this problem?

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3 years ago

I have the same problem, and so far can't think of a better solution.  Only one possibility that I have not yet tested.  My frame is a sort of decorative one has what I will call "tiers".

The first tier is such that placing the magnet there would shear off when the door is opened. The second tier does not have that problem, but is deep enough that it would cause the magnet and the sensor to "overlap" if I placed it there.  That is, only about 1/2 of the edge of the magnet would line up with the edge of the sensor.  The instructions claim that you can have a gap of a couple of inches between the sensor and the magnet, but it does not talk about this kind of overlap.  Haven't tried it yet, but hoping such placement might possibly work.

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3 years ago

Well, place it temporarily and check that the LED blinks when you open the door and when you close it, signifying the sensor is responding to the magnet.

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3 years ago

Is the magnet ADT left you still there?
Cover it with wood putty, primer and paint.... and it will still work for SimpliSafe.

Just search eBay for recessed magnets


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3 years ago

In the "old" days (wired system), I had a tubular magnet which could be inserted into a hole drilled in the door jamb.  I don't know if you can still get them, but they are not visible except when the door is open.
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