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Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 1:49 AM

Duracell CR123A Batteries

I need to replace the Duracell CR123A battery in my glass break sensor. This is the original battery from when I purchased the system in April 2018. Can anybody tell me where you get your batteries? I see SS has them for $4.99 each. I have 10 devices that take the CR123A battery. Since one of my devices is notifying me that it has a low battery, I am assuming that they other nine will need replacing soon. Does SS CR123A batteries come in a factory sealed package and what is the expiration date you are seeing on these batteries. Amazon has these batteries but it is hit and miss regarding the quality/expiration date. Thanks in advance.

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4 years ago

I buy mine from Amazon.  I just make sure they are sold and shipped by Amazon.  No issues so far.

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4 years ago

I get Pansonic CR123s (which used to be required to maintain the UL listing for the smoke detector) from batteryjunction.com for $1.50 each.  For other batteries, I've had good results from eBay from listings with 99+ positive ratings and which specify the expiration date.

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4 years ago

I've been buying these from Amazon for a couple years now and have had no issues at all.  42 cents a battery.  I have a ton of items besides SS that use them so buying in Bulk is needed.


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4 years ago

The glass breaks seem to last the least amount of time, but they are by no means an indicator of other sensors needing new batteries.

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4 years ago

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