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Saturday, May 30th, 2020 6:09 PM

Door/sensor chime no longer functioning

I've had my simplisafe system for almost a year now and before about two weeks ago, the base station and my siren would chime anytime a sensor was triggered, as well as send me an alert on my phone. The system no longer chimes when a door or window is opened. I've tried everything, adjusted settings, called SS and have the latest updates. Wtf is going on...



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4 years ago

Check your Timeline of Events, do you see a daily "automatic test signal received" notation every day? (for SS3)

If not, your connection might be down, or weak.  When you talked with SS, did they see your connection and was it strong or weak?

Did you try re-booting your base station?  

If you have SS2 (and apparently, some SS3 systems), have you received a new module (SIM card) for the base station?  You should request one if you're system is not getting signals - which could indicate your carrier has ceased 2/3G and moved to 4G - SS's new base station module is 4G compatible for those with SS2 systems.  If you need one, be sure when requesting it, that SS activates it, as there have been reports that SS forgets to activate them.
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