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Tuesday, January 7th, 2020 8:39 PM

Door casings too deep

Hi! I am hoping someone can help. I am having trouble installing my sensors. My front and back door both have >2 inch deep casings. So no matter where I put the sensors, they always read as being open. I have just enough clearance to stick the magnetized piece above the door within the casing but unfortunately the door catches the magnet and pulls it out of place when closing.

Any ideas or creative solutions?

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5 years ago

What about the door trim side - it doesn't matter which of the two goes where (sensor on door, magnet on trim, or vice versa), as long as they are not more than 2 inches apart (ideally, about an inch and a half).  Whenever you place or change placement of either, be sure to go into test mode via your keypad and make sure they're working properly when you open the door.

If the trim is protruding facing the interior of the room, you can 'build' out one or the other - for instance, attach a small piece of cardboard on the backing of whichever part is on the door, to bring it more flush with the other that's on the trim.

Another person actually did a small cut-out on the frame above the door to fit a small store-bought magnet in the cut-out (with glue or silicone, can't remember which), and placed the sensor part near the top of the door.  Yes one would need to tidy up the cut-out a bit for aesthetic reasons :)
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