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Friday, January 12th, 2024 4:01 PM

Does a green checkmark really mean a motion sensor is functional?

I set up a new system in the past week with 3 motion sensors.  In the past few days, I’ve received a “Device Not Responding” message for each sensor.  I eventually did receive a “Device Restored” message for each sensor but this took anywhere between 12 to 48 hours depending on the sensor.  During the period between the “Not Responding” and “Restored” messages, I checked in the app and the Overview page indicated “Everything is OK.” Also the “Device Settings” page showed a green checkmark next to each sensor.


Based on the above, I am wondering if the green checkmark indicates that a motion sensor is working even before the “Device Restored” message is received?  Or is the checkmark meaningless until the “Device Restored” message is received?


Note that this system is at a remote property so there is no easy way to test the sensor on site.



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5 months ago

@whw When a sensor isn't responding, you would see a gray exclamation mark next to the sensor's name in the Device Settings page, not a green check mark.

When you noticed that your Motion Sensors were offline, did you refresh the mobile app by pulling down the home screen of the app, or by pressing the 🔄 refresh icon on the top right corner of the Device Settings page? Refreshing the app will pull the most up to date information about your system. 

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5 months ago

@emily_s Thank you for your response, this is helpful. When I saw the offline messages, I did refresh the Home screen and it said "Everything is OK".  I also refreshed the Devices page and that's where I saw the green checkmarks.  So it sounds like things are working properly with my motion sensors even though I had not yet received the corresponding "Device Restored" message.

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