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Monday, January 23rd, 2023 6:01 AM

Deactivate System With Phone Instead of Keypad

Documentation is of a nature that tells me SimpliSafe does not run customer usability testing.

That's not why I called y'all here though. Attempting to fine tune a new system is why we're gathered together.


Entry Delay for the Away mode is the amount of time from a sensor activating to an alarm going off.

If I understand correctly that means that whatever time I set it for in order to be able to turn off the system when I get home is also the amount of time a bad guy has inside the house, before an alarm goes off. Correct?

So, if I want an alarm to go off fast, fast, fast when an entry sensor is activated, I wouldn't be leaving myself much time to turn the system off with the keypad when I get home from wherever I've been.

It follows then that I would simply turn off the system using my phone and then unlock and open the door.

Makes enough sense to me I think I must be missing something here.

Would this be acceptable practice?

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1 year ago

Hi @bhudg,

You are correct; the time you set your Entry Delay to will be the same amount of time you have to turn the system off when you get home. The workaround you proposed would work well, though! Turn off your system via the mobile app before you enter your home, and then you can turn it back on to Home mode when you’re ready.

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@emily_s​ Thanks for the validation of me thought processes! Not unusual for me to overthink things that should be simple, nice to know I didn't do so this time around (-:

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All we ever use is the app except my oldest son as when he gets home from school he has to use the keypad as we don't have the app on his phone but he knows the routine if something happens how he can push in the Duress pin or hit the panic button 

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