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Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 7:06 AM

Confusing entry/exit on Home and Away



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3 years ago

As you said a long post but it is very detailed. Thank you for that effort as many will ask a question and not provide enough detail.

I would like to suggest the following, and do apologize up front for trying to keep it brief and simple (mostly to keep me straight!).

For our home, we have away set up with all motions active on all levels: basement, first floor and 2nd floor. For home, only the 2nd floor are off where all of the bedrooms are located.  Due to the delay necessary to enter on away, our kitchen door is set to only a 20 second entry delay; for home entry and exit is 0. (Note, we don't have someone coming home at 2 or 3 am from work. Our configuration works well for us and how we live.

For your scenario, recommend the same 0/0 exit entry settings but allow anyone in your family, including your daughter, to access the phone app and just turn the entire system off. She can then easily unlock the front door, enter, close it by hand and, once ready, arm the system again.

I know this may not be a perfect fit but could be the easiest to address it. Finally, you can call support, ask them to read your post and then make suggestions.  Confident others will respond here in this thread and offer better suggestions. Good luck.



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3 years ago

Also you might want to get a second keypad for the back door as well, we have one in our master bedroom and by the front door so if you have one by the back door and its armed you can disarm go out back, come back in and arm from back
Oh and do what captain said get ss to read this for you and see if they can answer all of it for you.

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1 year ago

So, in other words... turn the alarm off while working/ playing outside? Hmmm

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