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Friday, June 18th, 2021 12:52 AM

can you bypass a sensor?

Hi, I had a frontpoint system, but it got old and things stopped working well and it was expensive so switched.  
I can't see/find a way to bypass a sensor. For instance, I used to keep my slider open in my bedroom and the old system bypassed that sensor so I could open in the middle of the night to let my dog out to pee.... but with this system I don't see a way to do that.  I want to be able to close the door, bypass that door when I want so when I open it in the middle of the night no problem as opposed to having the alarm go off and be completely awake.  Is this possible?

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3 years ago

If a sensor is open when you try to set the system for "home" or "away", the system will warn you that the sensor is open and if you continue it will indeed arm the system and warn you that it will not monitor that sensor until it is closed again. So it will bypass the sensor for you.

Now if you have an open sensor when you try to arm, again it will warn you. If you did not want to leave that sensor open, you can cancel the arming, go and close that sensor, then go back to the keypad and start the arming process again.

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I don't understand, I just want to bypass two motion sensors on the first floor so we can move around and still keep the house secure. A DSC system was easy to bypass. Can I bypass this one?

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@skidivr1​ By default, the Motion Sensor should not trigger any alarms in Home Mode so residents can move about. If you want to prevent a Motion Sensor from triggering an alarm in Away Mode, this can be done in the SimpliSafe mobile app my navigating to My System > Device Settings > select [your sensor] > Away > Disabled. Once that change has been made, be sure to click "send to base" on the bottom of the screen and then repeat these steps for your second Motion Sensor. 

However, if you want these sensors to trigger alarms in Away Mode once you leave your house, you will need to change their settings in the app to re-enable the alarm. 

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