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Saturday, January 4th, 2020 12:00 PM

Battery Question should I just replace sensor...

Had a battery low warning on glass sensor which I purchased 4 months ago.

SS said it shouldnt happen after a few months of getting this sensor so will just replace it.

Before it arrives I decided to open it, take out battery and put it back in..

It cleared it immediately....  

Some thoughts

1. No idea how it can clear the low battery warning error by just taking it out and putting it back in again.....  faulty sensor right enough or did battery just come loose for some unknown mystical reason but would that cause it to show low battery then...?!

2. Should I just replace it anyway with the new one i have been sent!

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5 years ago

I always replace the batteries if I get a "low battery" warning.  Not worth the risk of forgetting that I had the warning and not replacing the batteries.  It could have cleared because they're quirky, who knows.  Between "low battery" warnings and "not responding" errors, it's more likely the battery warning is more accurate ('not responding' could be interference, low battery, too far from base, etc or just defective).

I don't believe for a minute, SS's claims of extremely long battery life - I've replaced several in the 2 years I've had SS3.  Not to mention, half the orders placed by customers and received over this year's holidays had low or dead batteries.

But, if you reinserted the battery and it cleared the message, it could reoccur again soon enough, so my take is....replace the battery - there is no guarantee the new sensor would be any better (or it's battery life).  You got your system not long ago, so everything is covered under the 3-year warranty - if the current sensor eats a new battery in a short amount of time, then go ahead and replace the sensor.

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5 years ago

Thanks Colt.  There sending me new sensor anyway so I will swap it over will save me buying a battery lol.

Out of interest what batteries do you use.

I was wondering if the extra cost on lithium would balance out on cost but save on convenience.

Also are you a Duracell fan?

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5 years ago

Lithium holds the edge for high current usage, and works better in low temperatures.  They also have less of a history of leaking.

Not sure they will provide enough extra life under "normal" conditions to be worth the extra cost.

The glass sensor uses a battery which is only available in Lithium, so in this particular case, the question is moot.

Duracell is a good brand, and in their Alkaline batteries, seems to leak less than does Energizer.  For SS, I tend to use Panasonic, as that is the battery required for the smoke detector to retain the UL Listing and I can get them cheap.

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5 years ago

I just noticed they have now removed that from site in that you can use any battery for smokes.
Infact my smoke came with Duracells in them now I think of it.

Only brand they now mention is energizer for co2 detector.

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5 years ago

I use only Duracell (and don't have SS smoke detectors) - I used to use energizer, but I swear, something changed in the last few years, they seem to be mostly crap now.
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